Sustainable Solutions are the Core of our Business

We are all committed to the same goal: Together towards a sustainable world and healthier living.

At SARIA, we are immensely proud that sustainability is at the core of our business model and that we can consider ourselves pioneers in the circular economy, long before it became a buzz-word. For more than 40 years, we have found innovative ways to keep things flowing in a cycle in the agriculture, energy, animal, feed, food, catering and pharmaceutical industries. On this tradition, we build, but we do not rest on it. We are convinced that corporate responsibility and sustainable practices are the key success factors for creating shared value in our core business and beyond. An overview of our sustainability activities can be found in our sustainability report.


An overview of SARIA`s sustainability activities can be found in our sustainability report.

EcoVadis Silver Status:
Award for the Manifold
Sustainability Activities
within the SARIA Group

EcoVadis Silver Status: Award for the Manifold Sustainability Activities within the SARIA Group

The SARIA Group was again awarded the EcoVadis silver medal. As an independent and the world´s largest provider of sustainability ratings, EcoVadis evaluates the sustainability performance of about 90,000 companies based on 21 indicators in the four topic areas of environment, labor and human rights, ethics, and sustainable procurement. In 2022, we further improved our performance in all four areas, placing us in the top 11% of our industry.

Responsible use of natural resources

LIPROMAR stands for the sustainable use of resources. Our partner is the fish processing food industry, where we collect the accruing fish cuttings in food quality. The transport to Cuxhaven takes place without interrupting the cold chain and under conditions that are mandatory for the food industry. This means that these still valuable raw materials are not lost and continue to be available for human consumption.

Fillet is not everything

Only a few fish species, such as anchovies, are processed whole; for the larger species, only the fillet pieces are processed. However, the rest - by-products such as heads, trimmings and middle bones - are no less interesting for the food industry due to their composition. LIPROMAR specializes in processing these by-products, with the exception of the guts, into high-quality fish oils and proteins.

MSC- and ASC-Certificates

The MSC (Marine/Aquaculture Stewardship Council) seal identifies fish products from fisheries that have been certified as sustainable according to the MSC's recognized guidelines. The ASC (Aquaculture Stewardship Council) is the world's leading certification program for fish and seafood from certified responsible farming - recognizable by the ASC seal.

As an MSC and ASC certified company, LIPROMAR meets all requirements to ensure that products with the MSC and ASC seal are handled separately from non-certified goods and can be proven to originate from certified production. This enables us to offer our customers products that stand for enjoyment with a clear conscience!

Compliance and Sustainability along the entire Value Chain

The SARIA-Framework provides the shared foundation for all our global business activities. It defines the overarching purpose of the SARIA Group, as well as our vision and mission. In conjunction with six business principles, it is the central anchor point for the successful development of our group and sets the overall direction for all our activities. With our Code of Conduct, we specify core principles that we expect all internal and external partners to comply with. This shared fundament requires everyone’s full commitment and is of highest priority in all our business practices. Based on this foundation, we also established a Supplier Code of Conduct our business partners need to comply with. To assume our responsibility along the entire value chain, even going beyond legal requirements, we invite our key partners in the supply chain to conduct an individual sustainability performance assessment with EcoVadis.

Sustainability Reports

Sustainability Report 2023

(reporting period 2022)

Sustainability Report 2022

(reporting period 2020/2021)

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(reporting period 2018/2019)