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Valuable oils and proteins for a healthy diet

Fish is healthy. We learn that from an early age. This is because edible fish such as salmon, mackerel and herring are the best natural source of valuable marine omega-3 fatty acids. These polyunsaturated fats support a healthy cardiovascular system, vision and brain function. The human body needs them, but can only produce them itself to a limited extent. In addition, fish is an ideal source of protein, especially as an alternative to meat, and is therefore becoming increasingly popular. LIPROMAR uses fish as a valuable raw material for the sustainable production of high-quality fish oils and fish proteins, which make these positive properties of fish available in a new form for use in food production.

Edelmeer – Pure omega-3 oil. Pure Power.

Starting as a Cuxhaven original within walking distance of the North Sea – true to the motto “Made in Germany” – we pursue great goals: In addition to the passion for healthy and high-quality oils, we are driven by the preservation of vitality and health.

Whether you’re cooking or exercising, Edelmeer helps you stay fit in your stressful everyday life – with just one teaspoon of oil per day, you support the maintenance of your cardiovascular system’s health every day. Get your daily dose of Edelmeer!

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LiproStar – Petfood

LIPROMAR produces valuable fish oils and proteins that are used in high-quality cat and dog food. As foodstuffs, our oils and proteins are subject to the highest quality standards. By exclusively using by-products from the fish processing industry, LIPROMAR products are also characterized by a high level of sustainability.

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Industrial solutions

LIPROMAR produces valuable fish proteins for use in the food industry. In the food industry it is used as a natural flavoring, texture improver and binder. Natural without the use of additives, it is the solution that gives your product a clean label.

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