Edelmeer – Pure omega-3 oil. Pure Power.

Our fine salmon oils refine domestic and exotic fish and meat dishes as well as steamed vegetables, pasta dishes and salad garnishes. A few drops of the oil especially emphasize the flavor of fish fillets, seafood and fish sauces. They are also ideal for use in cold cuisine: in cold-stirred sauces, mayonnaises, dressings and dips. Like olive oil or other high-quality vegetable oils, our salmon oils should not be heated too high in order to preserve the valuable ingredients.

We use only the highest quality raw materials to produce our fine salmon oils. The oil is gently extracted at low temperatures. This preserves the natural vitamins. Our fine salmon oil is available in two varieties: original and lemon.

Purist – Fischer’s Fritz finally retires. Thanks to Edelmeer Purist.

You prefer it pure and without any frills? Then our Edelmeer Purist is guaranteed the right thing for you! With our Edelmeer Purist you put the icing on the cake of every maritime dish and without changing the taste of the dish. Because the flavor of the ingredients you have chosen remains in your dish and our oil refines it additionally. Edelmeer Purist – for a little time out by the sea and a breath of fresh sea breeze. It doesn’t get any fresher than this!

Lemon – For the summer of your life.

You are an absolute summer person? Then bring the summer home with our Edelmeer lemon! Due to our fresh lemon flavor, our Edelmeer Lemon is perfect for refining delicious, fresh salads as well as fish and pasta dishes suitable for summer. Through the touch of lemon you bring the summer on your plate and make every dish a highlight. Make the summer of your life with our Edelmeer Lemon. Even on dark days you can at least provide a summer feeling with our oil. Every day is summer!

By the way – if you like to take your morning spoonful of salmon oil directly, you should try Edelmeer Zitrone.

Sustainable fish oils

We are passionate about natural fish oils, which we produce with sustainability in mind. We produce salmon oil and cod liver oil without the use of additives and preferably from MSC or ASC certified raw materials.

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