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High-quality ingredients for premium pet food

Pets are an important part of many people's lives. As with their owners, a nutritious and balanced diet is essential for the health and fitness of our domestic animal companions. Pet food should therefore be made from the best possible ingredients. At LIPROMAR, we produce high-quality fish oils and fish proteins for use in premium cat and dog food. As food ingredients, our oils and proteins are subject to the highest quality standards. Since all our raw materials are by-products of the fish-processing industry, we are also contributing to the sustainability of fish stocks.

Unmixed fish oils for premium pet food

  • Not all fats are the same. As carnivores, dogs and cats require animal-derived nutrition. Vegetable oils are not an adequate alternative to animal fats. Fish oils, on the other hand, are the best natural source of valuable marine omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. These polyunsaturated fats support our pets' cardiovascular and immune systems. In addition, fish oils contribute to a beautiful hair coat. Learn more 

Selected protein sources for nutritionally balanced pet foods

  • Fish protein is both tasty and healthy for pets. LIPROMAR salmon proteins are a natural source of high-quality protein for our four-legged domestic friends. As an animal protein, they meet the specific physiological needs of dogs and cats. Key attributes include excellent protein composition, high digestibility and low fat content.

  • LiproStar Salmon (70% protein)

    LiproStar Salmon is a food-grade salmon protein for use in premium pet food. It is exclusively produced from fresh raw materials, giving it a mild and pleasant aroma. LiproStar Salmon is guaranteed free of impurities and chemical additives.

  • LiproStar Salmon Plus (90 % protein)

    LiproStar Salmon Plus has an extra-high protein content. Consisting of fully water-soluble proteins, it also offers excellent digestibility. In addition, its natural creatine content promotes healthy muscle growth.

Sustainable production

All our raw materials are food-grade by-products from the fish-processing industry, which means we are actively helping to sustain fish stocks. The materials are transported in a continuous cold chain and quickly processed on arrival at LIPROMAR. Using a closed and digitally controlled process, we extract the oils and proteins at temperatures below 100 °C, ensuring maximum nutrient retention. No additives or processing aids are used.


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