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Salmon protein from LIPROMAR – LiproStar Salmon Plus

LIPROMAR uses a specially developed and nutrient-friendly process to create a high-quality functional salmon protein that we call LiproStar Salmon Plus. It is used throughout the food industry as a natural aroma, texturant and binding agent. Thanks to its positive nutritional qualities, it is also ideal for use in sports nutrition.

LiproStar Salmon Plus is produced exclusively from sustainably sourced raw materials and is entirely additive-free.

  • Functionality

    LiproStar Salmon Plus increases yield thanks to its binding properties and can also be used as a texturant. Entirely natural, with no additives whatsoever, it is the perfect ingredient for your clean-label product.

  • Taste & aroma

    LiproStar Salmon Plus brings a natural salmon flavour to your product. Ideal for soups, sauces, convenience foods, pâtés and terrines, it is a genuine all-rounder.

  • Nutrition

    LiproStar Salmon Plus has an excellent protein composition and is easily digestible. Rich in natural creatine, it is also an ideal component in nutritional supplements.


High-quality fish proteins for a wide range of applications

LIPROMAR salmon protein powder is completely soluble in water. Dissolved in a 10% aqueous solution, it forms a solid gel at temperatures above 10 °C. It has a huge range of potential applications, including fish burgers, sausages and spreads. At LIPROMAR, we work closely with our suppliers in the fish-processing industry as they are also major customers. It is therefore essential that we understand exactly what they need from our products. To do that, we collaborate with our customers’ R&D teams when developing new products and applications.


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