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Fine salmon oil from LIPROMAR – 100% natural

Our fine salmon oils add refinement to traditional and exotic fish and meat dishes as well as steamed vegetables, pasta and salads. A few drops of this oil are particularly useful for enhancing the flavour of fish fillets, other seafood and fish sauces. It is also ideal in a wide range of cold dishes, including sauces, mayonnaise, dressings and dips. Our salmon oils are similar to extra virgin olive oil and other high-quality vegetable oils in that they are not subjected to excessive heat during production, which means their valuable nutrients are retained.

Our fine salmon oils are produced exclusively from the highest quality ingredients. The oil is extracted carefully and gently at low temperatures to ensure all the natural vitamins are retained. Our fine-quality salmon oil is available in four varieties: Original, Lemon, Mediterranean and Garlic. Find your nearest retailer.

Original – the pure taste of Atlantic salmon

  • Our fine-quality salmon oil delivers the pure taste of salmon without any additives or flavourings. Its fresh-from-the-sea tang adds the perfect finish to any seafood dish.

Lemon – a twist of summer by the sea

  • A dash of fresh lemon gives our salmon oil an unmistakable taste of summer. It is the perfect addition to leafy salads as well as light fish and pasta dishes, giving them a refreshing and sunny touch.

Mediterranean – a taste of the Riviera

  • With its Mediterranean herbs, this salmon oil evokes memories of summer, seafood and pasta on the sun-drenched Italian Riviera. Perfect for all Mediterranean dishes and sauces.

Garlic – aromatic and delicious

  • This garlic-flavoured oil has a rich and aromatic character that is perfectly balanced with the unmistakable flavour of salmon. A few drops of this oil transform hot fish dishes as well as pasta and salads into genuine culinary delights.

Four varieties – innumerable possibilities

Healthy and delicious

According to health professionals, it is important to eat fish at least once a week. The marine omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA in particular play an important role in human metabolism, but they can only be synthesised to a very limited degree within the human body. One spoonful (7.5 ml) of our fine salmon oil provides the body with a full 300 mg of EPA and DHA. Bursting with these important nutrients, our salmon oil is not only a culinary enrichment, it also contributes to a healthy, balanced diet.

Retailers – where to find our fine salmon oils

  • Wolfgang Kalter GmbH
    Müllerstraße 50
    26384 Wilhelmshaven

    Forellenhof Schindler
    Mühlenweg 2
    87745 Eppishausen

    Scheideweg 100
    26129 Oldenburg

    Friedrichsschleuse 17     
    26409 Carolinensiel

    Fischwerk Horumersiel   
    Goldstrasse 40     
    26434 Wangerland

    Ab Alfons Bley   
    Hauptstr. 13     
    49681 Garrel

    Fisch Meyer Gmbh   
    Uferstr. 76     
    31787 Hameln

    Selgros Cash & Carry   
    Glinder Str. 1     
    22117 Hamburg/Oejendorf

    Selgros Cash & Carry   
    Gutenbergring 2-12     
    22848 Norderstedt

    Selgros Cash & Carry   
    Dohnaer Str. 190     
    01239 Dresden

    Selgros Cash & Carry   
    Schwarzer Weg     
    26215 Metjendorf

    Selgros Cash & Carry   
    Rhinstr. 141     
    10315 Berlin

    Selgros Cash & Carry   
    Andreas-Schmied-Str. 2     
    86368 Gersthofen

    Selgros Cash & Carry   
    85055 Ingolstadt

    Selgros Cash & Carry   
    40724 Hilden

    Selgros Cash & Carry   
    Von-Hünefeld-Straße 100     
    50829 Köln-Ossendorf

    Peteda Gmbh & Co. Kg   
    Haus Nr. 50     
    26579 Baltrum

    Fischhalle Austernbar   
    70173 Stuttgart

    Rewe Toennies Ohg   
    51519 Odenthal

    Süderstraße 6     
    25938 Wyk Auf Föhr

    Rewe Stanislawski&Laas   
    22301 Hamburg

    Edeka Handelsgesellschaft   
    Flurweg 11     
    32457 Porta Westfalica

    Edeka Handelsgesellschaft   
    Handwerkerring 5     
    29386 Hankelsbüttel

    Edeka Handelsgesellschaft   
    Landstr. 33-35     
    38667 Bad Harzburg

    Edeka Handelsgesellschaft   
    Celler Str. 37     
    29378 Wittingen

    Edeka Handelsgesellschaft   
    Meller Landstr. 4     
    49086 Osnabrück

    Edeka Handelsgesellschaft   
    Unter Der Schalksburg     
    32457 Porta Westfalica

    Edeka Handelsgesellschaft
    Waterloostr. 2     
    49191 Belm

    Edeka Handelsgesellschaft   
    Böcklerstr. 6-8   
    31789 Hameln

    Edeka Handelsgesellschaft   
    Am Rehmanger 2     
    38304 Wolfenbüttel

  • Edeka Handelsgesellschaft   
    Mindener Str. 39     
    32602 Vlotho-Uffeln

    Edeka ZHG mbH   
    Marienstr. 128     
    32425 Minden

    Edeka ZHG mbH   
    Hoffmannstr. 17     
    32105 Bad Salzuflen

    Edeka Handelsgesellschaft   
    Madlower Chaussee 4     
    03051 Cottbus

    Edeka Handelsgesellschaft   
    Gerh.-Hauptmann-Str. 15     
    03044 Cottbus/Schmellwitz

    Edeka ZHG mbH   
    Flutstrasse 94     
    26388 Wilhelmshaven

    Edeka ZHG mbH   
    28755 Bremen-Aumund

    Edeka ZHG mbH   
    Schwefinger Str. 3-5     
    49716 Meppen

    Edeka Handelsgesellschaft   
    Osterweder Str. 77   
    27726 Worpswede

    Edeka Handelsgesellschaft   
    Industriestr. 16     
    39576 Stendal

    Edeka Handelsgesellschaft   
    Herrenseeallee 15     
    15344 Strausberg

    Edeka Handelsgesellschaft   
    Boernicker Ch. 1     
    16321 Bernau

    Edeka Handelsgesellschaft   
    Hansastr. 236     
    13051 Berlin

    Edeka Handelsgesellschaft
    Potsdamer Str. 60     
    14974 Ludwigsfelde

    Edeka Handelsgesellschaft   
    Falkenseer Chaussee 239     
    13583 Berlin

    Edeka Handelsgesellschaft   
    Mariendorfer Damm 81     
    12109 Berlin

    Edeka Handelsgesellschaft   
    Königstr. 49     
    14109 Berlin

    Edeka Handelsgesellschaft
    Schnellerstr. 131     
    12439 Berlin

    Edeka Minden-Hannover   
    Am Flugplatz Gatow 10     
    14089 Berlin

    Edeka Minden-Hannover   
    Nollendorfplatz 8-9     
    10777 Berlin

    Edeka ZHG mbH   
    Tempelhofer Damm 227     
    12099 Berlin

    Edeka ZHG mbH   
    Alt-Rudow 72-74     
    12355 Berlin

    Edeka ZHG mbH   
    Clayallee 171-177   
    14195 Berlin

    Edeka ZHG mbH   
    Goltzstr. 1     
    12307 Berlin

    Edeka ZHG mbH   
    Neue Kantstr. 29-30     
    14057 Berlin

    Edeka Handelsgesellschaft   
    Ernst-Zindel-Str. 4     
    06847 Dessau

    Edeka Handelsgesellschaft   
    Anderslebener Str. 42 J     
    39387 Oschersleben

    Niedersachsenstraße 92
    27472 Cuxhaven

    Windstärke 10
    Ohlroggestraße 1
    27472 Cuxhaven


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